Magdalena della Mare

Bard, Human, Female, Strumpet

Class: Bard Level: 5 Race: Human (Female)
Age: 25 Alignment: NG Deity: Undecided
Height: 5’ 9" Weight: 130 lbs. Size: Medium
Hair: Raven Eyes: Blue Skin: Olive complexion
Speed: 30 ft

Initiative: +3
Base Attack Bonus: +3
Grapple: +4

STR: 12
DEX: 17
CON: 12
INT: 14
WIS: 13
CHA: 17

Saving Throws
Fort: +2
Reflex: +7
Will: +5
Grapple: +4


(This character was made using the D&D setting Forgotten Realms, but feel free to adapt her to any other campaign.)

Magdalena was born in Baldur’s Gate, the eldest daughter of the della Mare family, a minor noble house.

Mother – Elena
Father – Vincenzo
Brother – Sergio
Brother – Lorenzo (1 year older)
Sister – Antonella (7 years younger)
Nursemaid – Sophia
Guardian Golem – Mercutio

At the age of 12, an unknown assassin attacked the della Mare house and murdered Magdalena’s mother, Elena. The rest of the family fled, but her father and Sergio stayed behind to avenge Elena’s death. Sophia and Mercutio gathered Magdalena and her other siblings, Lorenzo and Antonella, and took them North. They were able to steal away with some of the money hidden in the home to pay for their retreat.

With the fall of the house of della Mare, the family’s fortune was lost. The remaining money that was being held in a trust fund for the children was withdrawn and used to purchase a small residence in Neverwinter.

Sophia took on the role of the children’s aunt and raised them with the dignity expected by her former master. Magdalena always had a wild side and a fair amount of beauty. As she grew up it was a common sight to see her surrounded by admirers, basking in the glow of their attention.

When Magdalena came of age she took to working at a restaurant, entertaining the patrons with her beautiful singing and virtuoso violin playing. She was well respected for her talents as a musician, among other things, and gained many more admirers.

She took to traveling, bringing her songs and melodies to various towns and cities along the Sword Coast. She learned to use her beauty to bend the will of men, taking many lovers as she traveled, for men talk more when they are enthralled with a lovely woman and want to gain her affections. While traveling she hoped to gather more information on the fall of the della Mare family. To be specific, she wanted to know who was behind it, who did it, and if her father and brother are still alive.

Her violin was given to her by her father, it is a della Mare heirloom and is her most prized possession.

When bestowed to her, Lena’s father taught her to play a very difficult magical melody. This melody, when played correctly, is known to summon a powerful creature to aide its wielder. The melody may only be played once per day. When played flawlessly it summons Mercutio the Clay Golem. He will last 4 rounds past the initial roll.

Magdalena della Mare

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