Pipe of Return

A pipe that, if lost, returns to its owner.


This finely crafted smoking pipe is magically enchanted to return to its owner’s pocket or pack in the event it is lost or stolen 4 hours later.

Moderate Conjuration; CL 7th; Craft Wondrous Item; dimension door; Price 14,000 gp


In an ancient time in a kingdom not far from here lived a stalwart group of adventurers in service to the king. They had accomplished much in their long careers of adventuring and chose this kingdom to settle down in and enjoy the spoils of their travels. However, before they could truly be at peace, they were charged with defending the kingdom from an invading horde of evil. Before the final battle, each of the adventures was given a token of the king’s gratitude. This elegant pipe was one of those items.

The hearty dwarven fighter Durgranahk was known for his love of the leaf. Indeed, he was rarely caught without a stem gripped firmly between his lips. Even as he fought, smoke would bellow from his mouth and nose like a dragon waiting to consume his prey. An unfortunate side-effect to this habit, however, would be an inevitable loss of his precious pipes. Trampled by a bullette, knocked free by the club of a troll, even transmogrified into a smoke-spewing rabbit by a tempestuous old wizard. With each pipe that was felled by the rough and tumble life of an adventurer, Durgranahk would agonize as if he had to bury his favorite pet.

So when the king set forth to reward the party, he ordered a master pipesmith to create a simple, rugged pipe for Durgranahk. Something that could stand up to his weathered lifestyle. The bowl was crafted of the oldest briar root the smith could find, the stem was chipped by hand from a piece of obsidian, and a single silver band was affixed to the stem to hold the two pieces together.

After the king approved the design, the pipe was sent to his lordship’s personal mage. He ordered the mage to enchant the pipe to return to its owner if it were ever lost. After much toil in the arcane library, the mage fashioned a modified version of dimension door to imbue into the pipe.

After the ceremony, the heroes lead the king’s army to battle. As the fight ensued, Durgranahk waded through the enemy lines, clearing a path with each swing of his massive waraxe. The last thing the hordes would see would be his smiling bearded face, smoke jetting out from between his pearly whites.

Pipe of Return

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