Toothpicks of Tendrana

100 Magical Toothpicks -- 1,000,000 Potential Uses!


The set comes with the following color-coded toothpicks (All picks are single use unless otherwise specified):

• 20 Locktooth Picks: These rust colored toothpicks function as the spell knock (PH246) except it also affects locks such as shackles, padlocks, ect.; but is limited to a single picked target.

• 10 Transmutepicks: A light blue hue, these toothpicks function as the spell disguise self (PH 222). The duration of the disguise lasts for 1 hour, and characters get a Will save (DC 20) to realize the illusion. You must keep the toothpick in your mouth at all times to retain the façade.

• 10 Greasy Toothpicks: Jet black and slick to the touch, once snapped in half these toothpicks release a puddle of grease as the spell (PH 237).

• 5 Thever Toothpicks: These forest green and bitter-mint flavored toothpicks are crafted from thever paste, placed into a mold, and baked until hard; then are coated in wax. As the victim’s saliva removes the wax and the poison is exposed to moisture, it causes permanent blindness one minute after exposure (Fort DC 15 negates) that can only be cured by cure blindness or similar magic. If you set one ablaze, it will create Thever Fumes that fill a 5×5ft square for one minute with the aforementioned effect.

• 5 Brain Juicepicks: A dull pink color, these fruity smelling toothpicks are cured in a Carrion Crawler’s brain juice for 1 hour; then sealed in a light wax. Once the wax has melted in the mouth of the victim, they cause immediate paralysis for 2d6 minutes (Fort DC 15 negates).

• 5 Toothpicks of Alteration: Marble blue toothpicks that, once placed in the mouth, function as the spell alter self (PH 197) and lasts for 30 minutes. A Will save of DC 25 negates the illusion.

• 10 Persuapicks: These purple colored toothpicks function as the spell suggestion (PH 285). Duration is 1 hour or until the suggested task is completed, and you must keep the toothpick in your mouth at all times to retain the suggestive powers. DC 17 Will negates.

• 10 Screaming Toothpicks: Opaque in color, these toothpicks function as the spell sound burst (PH 257). You must break the toothpick in your mouth to activate this ability, and any creature within the blast must succeed a DC 15 Fort save or be stunned.

• 5 Dragonbane Toothpicks: Soaked for seven days in dragon bile and coated in wax, these spicy, red toothpicks cause 3d6 Str damage once the wax is worn off. A Fort save of DC 23 negates, and lasts 1d10 minutes if they fail.

• 10 Smooth Talkpicks: These shiny silver toothpicks function as the spell glibness (PH 235-6) and last 30 minutes. You must keep the toothpick in your mouth at all times for the ability to be effective.

• 5 Neutralizing Toothpicks: A striped yellow and black color scheme, these toothpicks function as the spell neutralize poison (PH 257), except it also reverses any immediate damage done by a poison.

• 5 Lockjaw Picks: These dark orange, crystalline toothpicks have a sweet orange taste to them. Once dissolved they cause the subject’s mouth to seize up for one hour, and they take 2d6 Con damage after one minute. This inhibits the victim from casting spells with verbal components. A Fort save of DC 15 negates.


This set of 100 single-use toothpicks were created for a master thrower named Tendrana who used them in countless tight situations ranging from saving her crew from prisons and dungeons to poisoning diplomats and assuming their places of power.

Toothpicks of Tendrana

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