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I decided I wanted an online database to house the stuff I’ve put together for my games over the years, and since OP is wiki-styled it’s the perfect place to do this. Then I thought: “People have a lot of content on here that other people use all the time. Why not expand this as a repository for other people’s work as well?”

I’m trying to keep it super simple and easy to navigate. If you’d like to share, it can be as simple as a link, or I can make your own wiki page, it doesn’t matter to me. As it stands, there won’t be any fancy coding or flashy designs. Just good ol’ fashioned information compiling. Hope you find what you need!

Site Spotlight

Today I’d like to spotlight the first D&D 3.5e module by my good friend and long-time GM, Ralph Grubbs. He is offering a free preview of the first encounter called Trouble at Milner’s Crossing. If you enjoy the encounter, please consider purchasing the full module, Sheriff’s Gamble.

The roads are filled with bandits and trouble at the mines worry the local sheriff. Is your party brave enough to lend the sheriff aid?

This is a full module for levels 4-5 using the Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 system. If you have downloaded and enjoyed the free encounter, Trouble at Milner’s Crossing, this module builds on that encouter or it can be ran as a stand alone adventure. The local sherrif and his forces are stretched a bit thin with bandits and trouble at the local mines. Your party is asked to look into one of these matters as a favor. Quickly you determine that there is more going on then just simple banditry or a workers uprising.

If you would like to spotlight your blog, website, or whatever please send me a PM.

Website Links

The link above contains many, MANY links to random generators, coding tips and tricks, and other external links to information that will help you in game, such as space craft blueprints, ideas on creating holidays, how to find players for your games, and much more for many gaming systems!

Wiki Pages

Character Classes

Truly Random: An RPG Dice Rolling App for Android Devices

Truly Random’s Android Market Space
EC Software Consulting, Inc.: Truly Random
Guest Article: Truly Random Review

  • Action Points – Rolls action points per level range and displays the highest roll. Add THAT to your DC modifier, sucka! Image
  • Caravan Goods – Populates a list of several items one might find in a caravan. Mmmm…millet… Image
  • Character Sheet – A D&D 3.5e character sheet that auto-rolls ability checks, saving throws, attacks and damage, and skill checks. I may be cheating, but I’ll never tell ;). Image
  • Corpse/Bag Yield – Populates a list of items one may find on a corpse or perhaps a “recovered” bag. (Includes random monetary values!) Image
  • Hit Locations – Generates a random humanoid hit location with potential penalty results. It’s only a flesh wound. Image
  • NPC Encounter Conditions – Give your NPC’s some flavour by generating a condition they are afflicted by, ie: whistling, dirty, bloodied, laughing, etc. I know what you’re thinking, but he’s churning butter. Image
  • Pick Pocket Yield – A list of several items one may lift from another person. Illegally. You dirty thieving cheat. Image
  • Tavern Generator – A very robust tavern generator that includes: tavern name, interior, menu, alcohol drinks, patrons, rooms, and room features. I can feel the warmth of the tavern hearth already. Image
  • Tips on Codewriting for Truly Random
Special thanks to the Alderac Entertainment Group for allowing permission to use the content from the original Toolbox in these dice sets.

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